The BNI Foundation has been serving children and education since 1998.

The BNI Foundation is changing lives by improving circumstances for children facing financial instability that negatively affect their educational opportunities. They support initiatives that provide resources to educators and organizations that make success easier for kids, either by removing barriers or by providing incentives for focusing on studies. The mechanism to help with this shift is investing our time, treasure, and talent to assist in education where we can.

As a member of BNI, I created the LifeLinks Bold Image, The Giver, which is inspired by the motto, Givers Gain™. The intent is to raise funds for the BNI Foundation. It reminds us members to live with the intention of being givers. 35% of all purchases go directly to the BNI Foundation.

One way you can show your support for this worthy cause is to display your commitment by wearing The Giver piece of jewelry. Prices range from $65 to $219.

Available in the USA…for now.